Train station Falkenberg


A train station in the countryside in East Germany, at night.

Design concept

Making the space more hospitable by creating a positive, almost entertaining ambience. The lights under the roof change randomly and slowly. Sometimes, they show the time, not like a clock though. Sometimes the time is shown three times during one minute, sometimes the time is not shown at all for a certain period of time. The main goal of this is not to transfer information to the waiting people, but rather an ambient way of the house to make contact with a person waiting. Like a parent reminding you what time it is at unpredictable intervalls when you were young.

Experiential qualities and related concepts

Affective, atmosphere, calm, fluency, organic, peripheral awareness, place-specific.

Augmentation modality


Technical options

Controlled lighting.

Prototyping techniques

Third-person techniques such as storyboard or video scenario.


Media Architecture Biennale, 2018.