“Augmented Information Spaces” refers to spaces where the physical and the virtual meet on (more or less) equal terms. It is also the name of a second-semester class in the Visual Media track of the MSc Design program at Linköping University, Sweden.

The class has two main elements: to build a repertoire of significant design examples, and to carry out own design projects. We found the results of the class to be quite useful, and hence decided to share them in this form for the benefit of other students and designers of interactive visual media.


The AIS class of 2018: Natasha Azam, Sarah Katrin Glassner, Yin He, Ola Karlsson, Hanna Nordenö, Evan Palangio, Meike Remiger.
Instructors: Jonas Löwgren (responsible for this site), Danwei Tran Luciani.

The MSc Design at Linköping University is a two-year master program with a focus on multidisciplinary design approaches to societal challenges. More information here.