The Power Aware Cord


At home or at work, where you want to be provided with instant feedback and ambient awareness of the energy your devices are consuming in order to rediscover energy in homes and create motivation to lower your energy consumption. 

Design concept

Energy consumption of objects, that can be perceived in an ‘ambient display’ through light representing and making visible the actual flow of electricity. 

Experiential qualities and related concepts

Affective, atmosphere, calm, control, critical, organic, peripheral awareness, place-specific, seductive, visibility.

Augmentation modality


Technical options

Twisted core of electroluminescent wires, electrical conductors. (Option: Internet connection). 

Prototyping techniques

Pre-programmed (Arduino) Scenario.
Experiential prototype using LED strip and dimmer.


Anton Gustafson and Magnus Gyllenswärd, Interactive Institute Sweden, from 2005 (Start of Research) to 2010 (Publication of Doctoral dissertation, Gothenburg University)
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