Berlin Wall 25th Anniversary light display


The city of Berlin in 2014 had hundreds of “light balloons” put up across the entire city drawing out exactly where the wall once stood exactly 25 years ago.  At the end of the display the balloons were released into the air symbolizing the end of a once divided Berlin

Design concept

The use of the light balloons helps to redraw and help us imagine history for those of us who were never able to see it. These light balloons in a way help create a design space through the whole city that can experienced different ways from different places. For instance the experience and scale of the space would be thought of differently from a viewer from an airplane window and also someone walking through the streets.

Experiential qualities and related concepts

Affective, atmosphere, calm, critical, hybrid, place-specific, sublime.

Augmentation modality


Technical options

Using the light balloons as they have in the example...

Prototyping techniques

Image rendering using google maps and some type of design software such as illustrator or photoshop to draw where the wall was from above perhaps?


Berlin, 2014.
Link to Video