Projecting sustainability concerns


A group of sustainability students are running a project called ‘MindFul of Choices”, they plan to place a set of signages for a sustainability campaign at LiU K-Building to help students be aware of the energy they are consuming around them, and take actions to be more environment-friendly. Their initial idea is to put a set of stickers at K-building, but this method itself is not environment friendly, since the sticker will involve extra materials and stickers are hard to take off afterwards. From design point of view, printed materials give less flexibility to convey the message. Is there any augmented information design solutions that can address these problems?

Design concept

This idea intends to use projections to communicate information about sustainability topics at intended places. The images below show one idea on how to communicate a message of ‘water is precious, don’t keep it running’, on the basin where sticker is not suitable at all.

Experiential qualities and related concepts

Affective, critical, hybrid, place-specific, seductive.

Augmentation modality


Technical options

Projection mapping.

Prototyping techniques

Regular projection.


Part of ‘MindFul of Choice’ project ideas.