Augmented storyboard


Augmented Storyboard mapping to experience-enhanced interaction. Concepts are evolved and improved before acquisition and actual development

Design concept

Story board is mapped on the display surface. Each frame sequence is activated by hand touch and projects light ripples along with audio narration. It could either project animation on the surface. If ipad or mobile phone is hovered upon each frame, it will augment it by showing animated movie clip. Also it will let user to change backgrounds, add emotions and comment on the frames. It also reveal creative process and artist info if hovered upon the “Process“ area and “Comments“ area will provide a comments form  for the visitors to send in.

Experiential qualities and related concepts

Collaborative, hybrid, performative.

Augmentation modality

Auditory, tactile, visual, multimodal.

Technical options

Digital graphics, audio narrative recordings, light projections, animation, videography, Augmented Reality built in apps in handheld device for tracking artwork etc.

Prototyping techniques

Digital storyboard artwork, wooden or cardboard display wall, audio narrative recordings, Wizard of Oz, light projections, artwork animated movie clips, After effects.


Natasha Azam, 2018.
Link to video.