Ads with a purpose


Public spaces and cities in general often are not as smart as they could be. This advertising campaign makes use of everyday issues and problems of citizen by solving them with their advertisement. In this way the ad moves into the background and merges with the city and the citizen’s needs.

Design concept

By integrating displays thoughtful into cities and matching their purpose with exactly the needed solutions, they become ambient. Not using (moving) screens supports the ambient character.

Experiential qualities and related concepts

Atmosphere, calm, critical, fluency, peripheral awareness, place-specific, sociality.

Augmentation modality

Visual, (tactile).

Technical options

Option: treat as design opening and create digital analogy?

Prototyping techniques

Miniature prototypes, simulate real context, video prototyping.


Ogilvy & Mather France for IBM

Link to Video

Inspiration from Ambient Commons

“The ambient display […] need not jump around like television programming, and could, for instance, operate on a weeklong, barely perceptible visual cycle.”

“Building facades have the opportunity to do things over days, weeks, and years that YouTube clips, television ads, and drive-by electronic billboards cannot.”

I wanted to prove, that billboards can have the same impressions as building facades.

“Media facades should behave differently than cinematic frames, and over longer time cycles than most video productions.”